Cascina San Lorenzo

Lunatico Moscato d'Asti

Cascina San Lorenzo is a project involving Enrico Rivetto, Alessio Povero and Charles Lazzara (President of Volio). The line was created in honor of Charles Lazzara’s first child, Lorenzo, born in 2014. Coincidentally, San Lorenzo is also the name of the patron Saint of Alba, a famous winemaking region where both Enrico and Alessio have wineries of high regard. The idea behind this line of wines is to offer extremely high-quality varietal wines from the North of Italy at exceptional pricing using estate grown grapes on young vines between the two estates.

Tasting Notes

All you love about Moscato… pear pulp, citrus, tropical fruit and an off-dry sweetness that sits lightly in the mouth before disappearing with the bubbles.


Espalier cultivation, guyot pruning. Manually harvested in small cases of 20 kg. The yield per hectare is 9,000 kg.


Removed from grape stalks and cooled at 10-12° C, soft pressing at 1 atm, natural decantation for 12 hours, must storage at 0° C. Fermented in stainless steel, temperature-controlled tanks at 15-16° C (with selected yeasts inoculation). Fermented for 15-20 days.


DOCG Moscato d’Asti






Sand, clay



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