Barolo Leon Riserva

Enrico Rivetto can talk to anyone in the world about his wines. A farmer at heart, he has slowly and strategically stitched together a lush quilt of an estate atop the Lirano hill near the town of Serralunga. Rivetto benefits from having all 23 hectares of his lands (15 of which are vineyards) on the same hilltop, allowing him to care for the vines and react to problems more efficiently. Charles, the president of Volio, met Enrico in 2005, beginning an incredibly fruitful partnership and even deeper friendship. Rivetto was only the second producer to join Volio’s portfolio. At the time, Enrico’s father was phasing out his involvement at the winery, which allowed Enrico to step into a more significant leadership role. He is extremely invested in poly farming as a method to naturally stabilize and enrich the vineyard, in turn allowing it to care for itself more sustainably. He remains committed to biodynamic farming and is currently in the process of becoming Demeter certified. His wines have gained considerable international admiration over the last ten years, taking off in 2011 when his 2006 Barolo was ranked #16 on the Wine Spectator Top 100 list.

Tasting Notes

The strongest of the barrels and only made in the finest vintages. Leon is aged 5 years in oak and then in bottle before sold. Leather, red fruit, balsamic notes, and hints of oak. Tremendous Barolo.


Special selection of our Barolos that present a high aptitude for ageing in our in-barrel tastings. A wine that expresses its best over the long term. The extra years of ageing guarantees the greater smoothness of the tannins and an intense bouquet.


After 5 years of aging, Barolo may crown itself with the title of “Reserve”. This Barolo Riserva is selected from the barrels with the greatest potential for aging and it is at its best after 15-20 years.


DOCG Barolo






Organic, biodynamic

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