Chateau Camarsac

Classique, Bordeaux Superieur

Between Bordeaux and Saint-Emilion, between two seas, on the Camarsac promontory, the 14th-century chateau of the black prince anchors the domain in history, even as the winery integrates modern technologies and winemaking practices. Only with the combination of know-how, technique, tradition, hard work, and passion could Thierry Lurton and his team successfully remain anchored in their terroir and history while simultaneously innovating towards a sustainable future.

The vineyard extends over the communes of Camarsac, Loupes, Saint Aubin de Branne, Cabara, and Sainte-Terre. Château Camarsac prioritizes authenticity and precision in each of their cuvees. They even feel their mission is grander than themselves: to inspire in others the desire to work faithfully in tandem with the land to bring out the quintessence of what nature has to offer.

Tasting Notes

Well structured, rich dark fruit with accents of toasted, spicy aromas. The palate is smooth with elegant tannins.


The Cuvée Classique is made to accentuate the fruit, or in other words, the pulp. The grapes are picked fairly early without waiting for the skins to reach full ripeness. The next stage is a cold maceration to extract color without extracting the tannins. After this short maceration period of a week to ten days the wine is separated from the skins.


Fermentation is then carefully controlled to avoid any oxidation (beneficial to some extent for the tannins but detrimental to the fruit).


91 - James Suckling


Bordeaux Superieur


95% Merlot, 5% Cabernet Franc




Sand, silt, clay


Traditional, sustainable


20 years

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