Domaine des Schistes


Set in the foothills of the Pyrenees, the Roussillon is an amphitheater open to the Mediterranean to the east, bordered by the Corbières massif to the north, and the Pyrenees to the south. This land bears the mark of ancient Greek civilization and winemaking, going back more than a thousand years. Given this context, the multi-generational Domaine des Schistes seems like a blip in the area’s wine-rich history. Nonetheless, the Sire family, who now owns and operates Domaine des Schists, prides itself on the knowledge handed down from past generations who grew grapes for sale at the local cooperative. The winery has since evolved into its current iteration: run with a philosophy that prioritizes regional tradition while a modern styles and methodology, which focuses on estate-bottled wine, vineyard-specific cuvees, and committing to organic winemaking. Their first vinification was in 1989 and their vineyard holdings have since grown to cover 55 hectares. As the name suggests, the domain is planted mostly on shaly marls. Their vineyards lie on the slopes of the Corbieres foothills, largely in superficial soil that requires the vine’s roots to grow deep down into the faults of the mountain to extract the necessary moisture. The diversity of soil, exposure, and microclimate across their vineyard sites enables Domaine des Schistes to produce a range of wines, each with its own striking character yet hallmarked by a mineral touch from the shale soils and the warmth of the Roussillon’s grape varieties.

Tasting Notes

Purple-ruby color with earthy aromas of black currant and leather. Fresh on the palate, offering black raspberry, fine tannins, and tangy acidity.


Made from grapes grown in shaly marls on south-facing slopes of the Tauteval commune, where the fruit ripens early. Mechanically harvested and de-stemmed.


Approximately 10-day maceration period with daily rehydration of the cap. Once malolactic fermentation is complete, the wine is aerated as it is transferred for aging.


Aged in concrete.


AOP Cotes du Roussillon


37% Lladoner Pelut, 27% Syrah, 33% Grenache Noir




Shale marls



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