Torre Guaceto Pietraluna

Gregory Perucci is pioneering in every way. He was the first to champion the Primitivo grape in the Puglia region, previously only used to produce cheap bulk wine, and the first to commit serious effort to studying the many facets of the area’s different soils. Gregory has since made a name for himself internationally for his research organization Accademia dei Racemi. They focus only on old native grapes, mostly unknown and underrated on the market. The most important results were achieved on the Malvasia Nera, and, recently, Verdeca and Vermentino. The estate is proud to have a new event space in Manduria—“Spacio Primitivo”—at which to host tastings and grander events.

Tasting Notes

The wine is very dark blue-black color. The aroma of wine is dominated by charming tones of ripe red berries and fruits in combination with a teasing tone of spicy Mediterranean herbs. Revealed beautifully balanced wine, rich and full fruit flavors with hints of licorice.


Salento IGT







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