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If you’re looking to get your hands on the #1 wine brand in Italy you’re in the right place.

Volio Imports launched as the national importer of Tavernello, the #1 Italian Wine Brand[1], starting May 2021 through a strategic partnership with Caviro. The excellent value of Tavernello comes from combining generations of Italian tradition with modern winemaking techniques. Enjoyed by Italian families for over 30 years, the wines are approachable varietals and blends that celebrate and represent the Italian lifestyle.

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Tavernello pouring red wine with Volio logo

As a cooperative, Caviro is dedicated to sustainability with the vision of managing the land so it can be passed on to future generations. They have received leading sustainability awards for their holistic and dedicated approach to economic, social, and environmental sustainability, adding even more value to every glass of Tavernello.

The wines of Tavernello present perfect opportunities for learning about and appreciating Italian wine and sustainable winemaking as a whole, especially for those who are new to imported wine. Volio is thrilled to introduce these approachable wines to eager and curious drinkers in the US.

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[1] N°1 wine in Italy, according to sales, source Iri, year ending December 2020, based on packaged goods, total wine by volume sold at grocery self service store > 100 SqM

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