Volio Imports picks up Tavernello, number one wine brand in Italy

The #1 Italian Wine Brand, Tavernello, is now represented in the US market by Volio Imports through a new strategic partnership with Caviro.


DENVER, COLORADO – The Caviro Group, the leading cooperative in the Italian wine sector, and Volio, a well-known fine-wine importer and marketer, have entered into a partnership for the brand Tavernello in the US market.

Tavernello pouring red wine with Volio logo

The brand Tavernello is Caviro’s flagship brand and is the number-one wine brand in Italy[1] and the number-ten wine brand worldwide[2]. The excellent value of Tavernello comes from combining generations of Italian tradition with modern winemaking techniques. Enjoyed by Italian families for over 30 years, the wines are approachable varietals and blends that celebrate and represent the Italian lifestyle.

Volio has found a symbiotic partner in Caviro, Italy’s leading wine group. Their mutual objectives of innovation, quality, sustainability, and representation of Italian wines are the foundation for the partnership between Caviro and Volio.

Caviro was founded as a farming cooperative in 1966 in the heart of Emiglia-Romagna. Caviro’s mission is to enhance winegrowers’ grapes in a territory with a rich wine identity. As a cooperative, Caviro is dedicated to sustainability with the vision of managing the land so it can be passed onto future generations. They have received leading sustainability awards, including Equalitas Certification as a sustainable wine producer (Italy’s leading certification for wine) and Premio Impresa Ambiente for best management for sustainable development, which takes into account their environmental, economic, and social impacts. The second edition of their Sustainability Report outlines everything from their energy self-sufficiency, to their best employers in Italy awards, to their work with the UN for sustainable development.

IMG_2321Volio Imports is dedicated to the future generations of both wine growers and wine drinkers. They have been certified Carbon Neutral through CarbonFund.org since 2019 and prioritize education on sustainable winemaking so that US wine-drinkers can feel empowered in their purchasing decisions. The wines of Tavernello present perfect opportunities for learning about and appreciating Italian wine and sustainable winemaking as a whole, especially for those who are new to imported wine. Volio is thrilled to introduce these approachable wines to eager and curious drinkers in the US.

Charles Lazzara, Volio’s founder & CEO, commented on the new partnership, “Bringing Tavernello to the US market allows us to continue our mission and connect more consumers to the quality wines of Italy. Italians enjoy an everyday, relaxed wine drinking culture, and Tavernello allows Americans to enjoy quality wine at an everyday price. We’re excited to announce our partnership with Caviro and bring the number-one Italian wine brand to tables across the country.”

Volio launched as national importer of Tavernello starting May 2021.


About Volio Imports:

Volio is a fine wine importer headquartered in Denver, CO. Volio has been building relationships with small, multi-generational wineries since 2007 and is honored to bring their wines to markets across the US. Representing 40+ Producers from Italy, France, and Spain, it is Volio’s mission to connect the customer experience to the vineyard experience.


[1] N°1 wine in Italy, according to sales, source Iri, year ending December 2020, based on packaged goods, total wine by volume sold at grocery self service store > 100 SqM

[2] Source: IMPACT DATABANK – World’s top wine brand 2019

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