Cantine Povero

Four generations of Povero family wisdom unite to create a beautifully unstoppable force in the heart of Piedmont. Since 1837 the Povero family has inhabited the land in Cisterna d’Asti and, beginning with the first vine plantings in 1964, they have slowly and strategically purchased and cultivated vineyards in all three of the Roero, Langhe, and Monferrato appellations. Their 45 hectares of vineyards sit around 320 meters in elevation and bask in the direct northern Italian sun. Their prime location in Cisterna d’Asti affords them a unique versatility in producing an exciting range of wines. Cantine Povero is undoubtedly a family affair, currently managed by Alessio Povero, the third generation to run the estate, aided by siblings. Grandfather Tumlin planted the first vines in 1964 and it feels as though he still lives through them today. His children, grandchildren, and now great-grandchildren feel his wisdom, traditions, and lessons every day, even as Cantine Povero adopts modern technologies in their winemaking. They hold firmly to classical roots though, specifically in their rigorous adherence to natural, environmentally friendly technologies and winemaking techniques. Among the many lessons of Grandfather Tumlin was the emphasis on humble respect for the land--Alessio, his siblings, and his children all understand the importance of a firm but patient hand when cultivating their vineyards. They believe in “responsible intervention, which one has for something or someone that is thoroughly loved.”

Our Relationship

Alessio and I met through Enrico Rivetto, who seems to be one of my best connectors in Italy. Back in 2010 I was eager to find a wine that drank well but didn't suffer from the "Alba" designation's growing issue of increasing prices. It was getting harder to find great entry level wine in Northern Italy as demand surged and export markets came back from the recession. Alessio showed me his wines... fresh, bright, and excellent examples of the varietals for the region; offered his pricing - a tremendous value, and most importantly made fun of Enrico's crazy hair and aggressive demonstration of chest hair through his button down shirts whenever a lady was around. The relationship took off from there!


45 hectares


3 generations


322 meters




Marine sands, argillaceous marl, clay