Volio’s New Brand

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We didn’t realize how geeky we’d get about our new brand and launching it into the world. We’re glad you could be here for baby Volio’s first steps!

Though simple in form, Volio’s new brand comes together to visually communicate “bringing the consumer experience closer to the vineyard experience.”

Blog post 1_symbol onlyOur symbol gets its direct shape from the stem-like vein structure found in grape leaves, encased in a simple grape-esque oval. The simple structure alludes the continual growth of our relationships and the connections between countries, producers, and consumers that we wish to provide in our role as an importer.

The complimentary “rain” motif also has multiple connotations. It resembles newly-sewn fields, rows of budding vineyards, and the rain itself that fuels growth and symbolized the ongoing renewal of the land and cycle of the seasons.

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Not only hip design and philosophy…Why the change?

The Volio brand has existed in its current form since Charles Lazzara started Volio Imports and Volio Distribution in 2007. Charles picked a cool Mac font and wrote it out: “Volio Vino, Our Passion. Bottled.”

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Over the following 10 years, Imports and Distribution grew and evolved, though always under the umbrella of “Volio Vino,” sharing the same brand look and feel. It took the sale of Volio Vino Distribution in June of 2017 for Volio Vino Imports to begin reflecting on its own brand identity.

After many crumpled up pieces of scrap paper and help from awesome agencies, we’re thrilled to finally be typing out the news of our brand launch!

A new digital home

Our new website, volioimports.com (previously voliovino.com) has been completely reimagined with robust search features, updated profiles of our producers and wines, and a slick map feature to geographically explore our portfolio by country and region.

We have worked hard to build an in-depth repository of information on a website that delivers on our promise to bring the vineyard experience ever-closer to the consumer experience. Play around on our site or read the full history of Volio here.

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