The Outlook for Italy and Local Communities

Over the past few weeks, we have been working hand in hand with our Italian winery partners. To say that we are in uncharted territory is a gross understatement. For our dear friends in Italy, the recent weeks have been extremely challenging.

The Italian government has taken drastic but necessary steps to contain the spread of Coronavirus across the country. As of Wednesday evening, we were told that the agricultural and transportation were the only industries allowed by law to remain open. All other businesses (restaurants, shops, offices, etc) are closed through at least April 3rd.

The domino effect on the economy will be dramatic and, unfortunately, their story will continue to develop throughout 2020 as Italy’s robust tourism during Easter and into the Summer are severely impacted.

Our hearts go out to all of our family and friends that have been touched emotionally and economically by this pandemic, both in Italy and throughout the US.

We encourage all of our customers to consider the impact of these business closures on those living on hourly wages, tips, or simply the less fortunate living paycheck to paycheck.

Volio is based in Denver, CO where roughly 70% of our Denver and Aurora Public School system’s children depend on free or reduced cost lunches as their families struggle to stay above the poverty line. This likely mirrors many communities around the US where the challenges of working families will be exacerbated by school closures and a general lack of childcare services as we all focus on containing the spread of the virus in our cities.

We are also concerned for the welfare of many families with immune system suppressed children, those with chronic respiratory illness, and the elderly community that are predisposed to the more serious side effects of this virus.

Volio has supported There With Care for many years and will be making donations over the next several weeks to support their mission. Some information about the organization is detailed below.

There is no time like the present to be active in your community and we hope that those in good health (physical or financial) see that the time is now to help those in need.

We share the responsibility of a global economy and therefore must help shoulder the burden for those in need of a responsive, local community.

Mission. Vision. Volio.

-Charles Lazzara
President, Volio Imports


Information from There With Care


March 13, 2020:
The families we serve face critical illness and many have compromised immune systems. In speaking with medical professionals and social workers, the families need the services we provide now more than ever, and we are dedicated to ensuring they are not alone on their journey.
To do this, we have set up a Response Fund so we can quickly purchase items, as we are able to source them.
With our supply chain interrupted by the suspension of groups and volunteers doing projects, many people have reached out asking for ways they can help.
The best way people can help is to make a donation.


With your support we can:

Purchase Grocery and Gas Cards

With fewer volunteers available to help make deliveries, we can purchase grocery and gas gift cards to help the families that we are unable to reach, so they can purchase needed staples and have transportation to hospital treatments.

Purchase Cleaning and Paper Products

We are having a challenge locating needed supplies and are working to source these items that include: Disinfectant Wipes and Spray, Paper Towels and Toilet Paper, and Hand Sanitizer (99.9% or more).

Purchase Non-Perishable Food and Essential Toiletry Items

Previously, groups helped to underwrite and assemble Easy Meal Care Bags (non-perishable food items), and Family Toiletry Bags (toothpaste, shampoo, etc.). With groups unable to come in, we need to purchase and assemble these items with the help of our staff.
Your donation can help us sustain these families at a time when they are already fragile and their stability threatened. Bringing them crucial support, will help to ease these stresses at a time of increased isolation.

Visit the website for There With Care for more information

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