Mary J. Blige and Fantinel Winery Partner with Volio Imports as the Exclusive U.S. Importer for Sun Goddess Wines

Grammy award-winning and Oscar nominated artist Mary J. Blige and the Fantinel family have partnered with Volio Imports to grow Sun Goddess in the U.S. market

DENVER, COLORADO: Sun Goddess wines — created by Mary J. Blige and Fantinel Winery — have partnered with Volio Imports as their new, exclusive U.S. importer. The Sun Goddess wine collection, a Sauvignon Blanc and Pinot Grigio Ramato, encapsulates both love and passion from the sun-kissed vineyards owned by the Fantinel family, along with Mary J. Blige’s own childhood memories trying to capture the sun’s warmth and energy.

With their new representation by fine wine importer Volio Imports, the brand not only intends to reach more consumers, but also grow their impact throughout the wine industry.

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“Sun Goddess hopes to shine a light on our industry and create more opportunities for women and BIPOC representation in the wine business,” commented Charles Lazzara, Volio’s founder & CEO. “Mary has been a force for innovation, and a voice for women and her community for over 25 years. The message behind Sun Goddess is something Mary has been speaking about her entire career. It is our privilege to bring that passion to the U.S. market in collaboration with the winemaking talent of Marco Fantinel and the Fantinel vineyards.”

“Creating Sun Goddess with the Fantinel family was one of my biggest passions coming to life and watching it continue to grow is indescribable.” said Mary J. Blige. “I’m so excited to partner with Volio Imports to expand our reach within the U.S. and continue to grow and break barriers within the wine industry at large, working to blaze a trail for women and BIPOC representation along the way.”

With mutual objectives to bring high quality Italian wines to American glasses, Volio Imports found a powerful relationship with Mary J. Blige and Fantinel, bringing the prestige of Friuli and the empowerment of diversity to consumers across the U.S. Volio Imports is dedicated to connecting the consumer to the vineyard experience and is thrilled to work with such a strong, influential voice and public figure who has partnered with a family-owned, high-quality vineyard.

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Sun Goddess exemplifies the appreciation of Italian wine while empowering growing diversity in fine wine, backed by Mary J. Blige’s powerful story of passion, expression, and identity.

“Wine tasting is one of my passions,” Mary J. Blige said. “Wine is culture. Wine is community. Wine is lifestyle. Wine is emotion.”

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About Volio Imports:

Volio is a fine wine importer headquartered in Denver, CO. Volio has been building relationships with multi-generational wineries since 2007 and is honored to bring their wines to markets across the US. Representing 45+ Producers from Italy, France, and Spain, it is Volio’s mission to connect the customer experience to the vineyard experience.

About Fantinel:

Fantinel was founded in 1969 by restaurateur and hotelier Paron Mario Fantinel. Love for wine was soon inherited by his sons who expanded the family property, acquiring vineyards in the best areas of Friuli Venezia Giulia. The third generation is now represented by Marco and Stefano, and what started as a small agricultural company has become an internationally prestigious winery and ambassador of Friulian wine-making throughout the world. Gaining success in over 90 countries at top-level, prestigious restaurants and specialized shops, Fantinel’s rapidly growing success is confirmed by remarkable reviews received by international press.

About Mary J. Blige:

Iconic Grammy Award-winning singer, songwriter, Oscar-nominated actress, producer and philanthropist, Mary J. Blige is a figure of inspiration, transformation and empowerment making her one of the defining voices of the contemporary music era. With a track record of eight multi-platinum albums, nine Grammy Awards (plus a staggering 32 nominations), two Academy Award nominations, two Golden Globe nominations, a SAG nomination, and a BET Lifetime Achievement award, among many other accolades, Blige has cemented herself as a global superstar. The singer/songwriter has attracted an intensely loyal fan base—responsible for propelling worldwide sales of more than 50 million albums.


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