Tenuta Argentiera

Tenuta Argentiera stands in a magnificent patch of land in the Maremma that blends countryside and sea, suspended between woods and Mediterranean scrub. The Argentiera estate covers 75 hectares of breathtakingly beautiful Tuscan coast, approximately 100 km southwest of Florence. In the prestigious DOC of Bolgheri, Argentiera is the estate closest to the sea and also highest in altitude, making the land and microclimate especially well-suited to growing incredible red grapes. The estate is considered among the most beautiful in Italy, with its spectacular view of the islands of the Tuscan archipelago. Their soils range from calcerous and stony to sandy to mineral and pebbly, lending complexity to the Cabernet Sauvignon, Cabernet Franc, Merlot, and Syrah. The vineyards are surrounded by Mediterranean vegetation and the countryside is flush with maritime pines and olive tree groves. Argentiera has five main vineyard sites, ranging in elevation from 80-220 meters above sea level: Argentiera, Ginestre, Ventaglio, Porcarecce, and Ceccosodo. Every plot is harvested and vinified separately, exclusively in stainless steel, to preserve the character and fruity complexity lent by terroir variations. The wineries and cellars themselves are made of recycled or traditional materials such as terracotta and baked roofing tiles.

Our Relationship

Gianluca Garofoli and I had been working together with his family property for a few years in Colorado. At one point he asked if I knew of the estate Tenuta Argentiera, and luckily I remembered tasting their wine a couple of years prior. He passed along an introductory email and before long I was at the property in Bolgheri for a visit to what should be considered the most beautiful vineyard and winemaking facility in Italy. At roughly 700 feet above sea level, on top of a hill overlooking the sea, Corsica, Elba and the Italian coast, this vineyard has the best view in Italy - no question. Every time I visit I'm more convinced that the future of Italian wine tourism is destined for Bolgheri... beautiful sea, great wines for American palates, wonderful food, and 1.5 hours from Florence.


60 hectares


80-220 meters




Calcerous and stony, sandy, mineral and pebbly