Elena Fucci

Aglianico del Vulture Titolo

The Fucci family has lived on their estate in Basilicata since 1960, when Elena’s grandfather bought six hectares of vineyards at the highest part Contrada Solagna of Titolo, at the foot of Mount Vulture (an extinct volcano). Though it wasn’t until the 2000 vintage that the full potential of the domain’s 70-year-old Aglianico vines was properly explored. The family was going through the process of selling the estate when Elena made the last-minute decision to take on the property herself, with the intention of developing the vineyard and devoting herself to the land that she grew up loving so dearly. Simply walking through the vineyard rows at Elena Fucci is a fascinating history lesson; the terrain is volcanic, the soil is mineral, dark in color, and pozzolanic, which clearly catalogues in its layers the history and life of the Vulture volcano, visible just a few hundred meters away. This fascinating terroir translates to a fascinating wine in the glass.

Tasting Notes

“Initially smoky and reduced on the nose, but air allows the sandalwood- and herb-laced flavors of raspberry preserves and green olive to come through. Fleshy in texture, but set over sleek tannins that firm the chewy finish


Positioned at the foot of Mount Vulture (an ancient extinct volcano), the vineyard is in the heart of production from the Aglianico del Vulture area. Manually harvested with small crates the last week of October and is normally one of the latest harvests in Italy.


The Aglianico is de-stemmed and crushed in small batches and then fermented in stainless steel with a maximum temperature controlled to 22-24° C.


Malolactic fermentation takes place within 100% new French oak barriques and matured for 12 months. The wine is aged in the bottle for an additional 6 months before being released to the market.


Aglianico del Vulture DOC


Aglianico del Vulture




650 meters


Volcanic lava and ash mix




55-70 years

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