Libero comes from three vineyards that, according to Volio CEO Charles Lazzara, create consistency across vintages and harmony in the bottle. We pull from 8 hectares located north of Montalcino that bring a “cool climate” aspect to the wine, 4 hectares in the south-west of Montalcino, and 4 hectares on the south side below Castelnuovo. The estate here gets a little more fruit per vine than the average in this subzone as a result of cooler temperatures. The extra yield per plant helps the price without sacrificing quality, and thus the combination of these sources achieves a great price point and a classic varietal example of Sangiovese from Montalcino.

Libero is the newest addition to the Lazzara Family Estate house of brands. Cascina San Lorenzo was created in 2014 to celebrate the birth of Charles’ son Lorenzo, with everyday wines from the Piedmont region made in partnership with Cantine Povero and Rivetto wineries. The Libero wines are made exclusively from estate grapes in the Montalcino region to celebrate the free spirit of Charles’ second son, Tommaso, born in 2016.


16 hectares