Chateau Macquin

Covering less than 200 hectares, Saint-Georges-Saint-Emilion is the smallest of all Bordeaux appellations. Château Macquin was founded by Albert Macquin in 1885, the first agronomic engineer to plant again after the phylloxera epidemic in Europe. It currently has 31 hectares of vineyards, predominantly planted with Merlot. The grapes are mechanically harvested, fermented in stainless steel and thermo-regulated vats, and aged in 1/3 in oak barrels over 12 months, using 25% new oak. Their resulting wines are powerful and generous.

Our Relationship

The Lurton family is one of the most respected in all of Bordeaux. They have over 15 chateaus in their portfolio of properties and some very serious Grand Cru Classe, 2nd growth, and 5th growth properties to talk about. In 2010 I was interested in expanding to Bordeaux within the portfolio and came across the opportunity to work with them... the wines are all well priced, and well made. It is also great to have access to winery direct pricing on important properties like Durfort Vivens in Margaux!


31 hectares


1885, 4 generations