Villa Rosa

Villa Rosa has some of the richest heritage in Castellina in Chianti and its vineyards resonate the essence of Chianti Classico. The Cecchi Family purchased the property from the Lucherini Bandini Family who had carefully tended the land for almost 70 years. The families shared a great friend who linked them together: the renowned and formidable wine taster, Giulio Gambelli. For Giulio, Villa Rosa was the best vineyards in Castellina in Chianti Classico for growing Sangiovese. As Giulio used to say: “A Villa Rosa il Sangiovese ci nasce bene!” – (At Villa Rosa, the Sangiovese grows well!).

Immediately after purchasing the property in 2015, they conducted a meticulous soil analysis to understand the potential for Sangiovese in each vineyard. The estate includes 30 hectares of vineyards, all included in the Chianti Classico appellation. The focus was and still is to produce the best expression of Sangiovese from the Chianti Classico denomination in the higher elevations of Castellina in Chianti. The 2015 harvest was used for the debut vintage of Gran Selezione Villa Rosa, which burst onto the scene from a year of exceptional growing conditions: cold winters, mild and humid springs, summers with good temperature ranges, and some rainfall.

The property is managed with the sole objective of producing a Gran Selezione wine, which is the most prestigious designation in Chianti Classico and is meant to be a pure expression of Sangiovese.

Our Relationship

Anyone who wouldn’t want to work with the Cecchi family would have to be nuts, and when I was contacted by the family about representing their wines in the US I was excited to say the least. Andrea and his family have over 125 years of winemaking history in the Chianti Classico region and their family name is amongst the most recognizable in Italian wine.

Volio has the opportunity to build the estates for the family. These are the gems of their vineyard holdings and really represent the future of the Cecchi name.


36 hectares




255-425 meters


26,000 btls


Calcareous soils with a heterogeneous clay matrix of Albarese and Galestro schist soil.