Val delle Rose

Val delle Rose is another estate owned by the historic Cecchi family. It is run impeccably, lovingly, and boasts one of the most beautiful wineries in all of Tuscany. In 1996, Famiglia Cecchi purchased the Val delle Rose winery in the small town of Poggio la Mozza, which lies at the productive heart of Morellino di Scansano. At the time of its acquisition, Val delle Rose had 25 hectares of vines. The Cecchi intervention was comparable to a minor farming revolution, as the agricultural techniques used until then did not ensure the batch-to-batch consistency needed for the viability of a winery. A study of the property’s soil revealed the enormous potential of this terroir. The study was so promising that the Cecchi family decided to extend the land under vines to about the current 100 hectares. This beautiful estate, in the western part of Tuscany, is situated at the center of a perfect zone where the climate and constant exposure to the sun guarantee exceptionally ripe grapes (mainly Sangiovese). The excellent ripeness of the grapes and the perfectly managed vineyard guarantee elegant, mature, and structured wines.

Our Relationship

Anyone who wouldn’t want to work with the Cecchi family would have to be nuts, and when I was contacted by the family about representing their wines in the US I was excited to say the least. Andrea and his family have over 125 years of winemaking history in the Chianti Classico region and their family name is amongst the most recognizable in Italian wine. Volio has the opportunity to build the estates for the family. These are the gems of their vineyard holdings and really represent the future of the Cecchi name.


105 hectares




50-150 meters




160,000 btls


Mainly feldspathic quartz sandstone with pebbles and siliceous materials