The Pieri family bought the Piancornello estate in 1950 and initially grew fruit to sell locally, until 1991, when they began vinifying and selling their own estate wines. Piancornello is now owned and operated by Claudio Monaci and Silvia Batazzi, with plans to eventually pass the property along to their two daughters. An 18th-century farmhouse anchors this organically-cultivated estate in the pristine nature of Montalcino, rubbing shoulders with centuries-old olive groves and Brunello vineyards. On their 10 hectares of vineyards, Piancornello cultivates predominantly Sangiovese vines with some Ciliegiolo. Their Sangiovese clones were chosen carefully to achieve low yields and looser bunches. Piancornello takes its name from the hamlet just South of Montalcino where the winery is located. Its warmer and drier climate, as compared to the neighboring Chianti region, and proximity to the Mediterranean sea (45 km away) make this a prized site for winemaking. The Orcia Valley carries the sea breeze all the way to the vineyard, creating a microclimate that allows for an early harvest before the autumn rain. Piancornello’s vineyards grow on moderately sloped hills in rocky, volcanic soils with southern exposures, creating full-bodied, mineral wines.

Our Relationship

I sometimes wish I could take Claudio's approach to life… no cell phone, no email, and a steady diet of pasta, red meat, and Brunello two times per day. In the 10 years I've known Claudio Monaci I don't think I've ever seen him eat a vegetable unless it was in a raviolo or next to wild boar or a T-Bone.


20 hectares




250 meters


Organic, biodynamic


Rocky, volcanic