Col Solivo

Col Solivo is a custom-blended prosecco created by Charles Lazzara (President of Volio) in partnership with the Fattoria Il Palagio winery in Veneto. They were looking for a prosecco to meet the high quality standards of the Denver brunch crowd while resting at a palatable price point. A long period of blending and tasting ensued, from which emerged a balanced, creamy final blend that boasts delicate bubbles and enticing aromas of green apple, lemon zest, and spring flowers. Just barely off-dry, Col Solivo is full of juicy ripe pear, golden delicious apple, bright citrus, and a hint of almond and vanilla bean. Col Solivo is fundamentally a relationship-driven wine, both in its conception and reception. This is a Prosecco to keep around by the case. This is a multi-bottle, long brunch, sticky afternoon-sipping-spritzes kind of Prosecco. This is the fizzy stuff you want in your Bellini, mimosa, or many mimosas…

Our Relationship

Col Solivo was started back in 2009 largely in response to my desire to be competitive with some of the larger brands of Prosecco dominating the market. I later moved production to a family friend of Fattoria Il Palagio and we have been making this collaborative label for the past several years.


5 hectares






120,000 btls


Limestone, clay