Chateau Paul Mas

Jean-Claude Mas, first-generation winemaker, fourth generation grape grower, and owner of Les Domaines Paul Mas, is a leader in fine winemaking in the Languedoc region of Southern France. Since taking the helm of the family winery in 2000, he has prioritized sourcing the highest quality grapes from twelve privately-owned estates and premier growers in the Languedoc to make wines of authenticity and refinement. The result is a collection of charming wines that burst forward with the warmth and stunning beauty of the region. Château Paul Mas is located between Pézenas and Montpellier, 10 km from the Mediterranean. The vineyards cover 162 hectares across the Languedoc, Languedoc Pézenas, Grés de Montpellier and Pays d’Oc appellations. These sites also provide the fruit for the Paul Mas Réserve line of wines. The vines are grown in an exceptional setting, surrounded by olive trees, pine forests, oak trees, and orchards–they enjoy exposure from the north, south, and west, and are cooled by the Mistral and Tramontane winds. The grapes are heavily influenced by the gravelly clay and limestone soils on the hillsides of the Herault valley, and the chalky, fossil-rich soils on the hills of the Thau marshes. The vines are grown using sustainable viticulture practices, with portions of the vineyards being organic or certified Terra Vitis.

Our Relationship

Jean Claude Mas is one of the most dynamic winemakers I've met over the past 15 years. He has reached well beyond what one could expect to accomplish in such as short amount of time, and I believe this is largely due to his ambition and innovative spirit. "JC" as he is called by friends and family, really wants to push the envelope of quality and estate-driven wine production for the Languedoc region in Southern France. We got to know each other in 2018 when my family and I were in Europe. JC said he was open for a meeting and we snuck over on a cheap flight from Venice. At one point we were at dinner with my two boys and three of his four girls (all under 10 years old) and we looked at the clock... it was 2am and the kids were still up! We had so much to talk about. JC is such a creative thinker and one of the leaders for the region.


162 hectares




30-150 meters


Sustainable, Terra Vitis


Stony clay and limestone