A brand from Castelfeder, Borghese currently features a bright Pinot Grigio. To enter into the world of Castelfeder is to soar across an unspoken threshold into the lush valleys of the high Adige River, hence the regional name, Alto Adige. Driving from Lake Garda, north from Veneto, through Trentino, you discover yourself, without warning, in what feels, sounds, and tastes like German wine country. Apple trees cover the valley floor, rubbing shoulders with Schiava, Pinot Grigio, and Lagrein vines. The generational devotion of the Giovanett family is deeply Italian--the winery is run by the third generation of grape growers, but only the second generation to be winemakers. Coming from the co-op model of Northern Italian winemaking, Gunther Giovanett started his tenure at Castelfeder selling their grapes to the local co-op but, over time, and particularly with the transfer of management to his son Ivan, the winery has moved toward their own wine production. This transition to the younger generation has brought a delightful qualitative shift as well as a more modern production approach. While other nearby producers are making Chardonnay and Pinot Grigio that is mineral and acidic, Castelfeder produces wines that are lean and light with texture and depth as an added dimension. Castelfeder excels in bringing out the purest, freshest expression of their terroir. The Borghese brand is no exception to this as the Pinot Grigio has intense fruit, strong minerality, fresh acidity, and a smooth body.

Our Relationship

Borghese, by Castelfeder, is a majestic winery nestled in the valley cut by two glaciers known as the Alto-Adige. Here one finds mixed agriculture… Europe's largest apple orchards, breathtaking scenery, and amazing hills planted to over 15 varietals. When Ines and her father Gunther came to visit me for the first time in Colorado I was excited to pick them up at the airport, but we never really communicated well enough to designate a meet up spot. I figured the easiest place to connect would be at baggage claim because I knew they were checking the wines all the way through from Italy. When I saw the box come out, I quickly went to it and started to grab it... Gunther came to it quickly and pushed me aside, but before I could introduce myself he was off to the races for a taxi with his daughter. I called them on their Italian phones, but neither got reception in the US so I just drove to their hotel to meet. When he came down to the lobby he was so embarrassed, having shoved me to the side to get his wines, he said he had no choice but to offer a discount on the first order!


3 generations


200 meters




9,600+ btls


Gravel and sedimentary