Mario Schiopetto

It all began in 1965 when Mario Schiopetto took over care of the vineyards surrounding the Archbishop’s Palace at Capriva. He completely reinvigorated the abandoned Friulano vines and eventually managed to purchase the property in 1989. Mario, fully aware that the real wealth and strength of his business lay in the soil and the health of his vines, transformed the unkempt terrain into carefully tended vineyards. He worked hard to create a unique plot that took full advantage of the “Ponca” terroir: the typical clay and limestone Friuli terrain. Over time, his children joined him in the business—Maria Angela, Carlo, and Giorgio—continuing his project in the vines and cellar with sensitivity and respect, love of tradition, and real passion. In April 2014, the Rotolo family took ownership of the property, with every intention of continuing carrying forward Schiopetto with Mario’s philosophy and dedication.

Tasting Notes


This wine is known in the winery as “Il Mario”. It is the best quality possible of Schiopetto wines. In Gorizia, in 1954, the local Curia planted Friulano vines and some Riesling. It did so in the best side of the vineyard: the southern. A representative, superb wine that can only be produced in stainless steel tanks in the best vintages. Manually harvested the first week of September.


Fermentation for 10-14 days in steel tanks at 16° C.


Aged in stainless steel tanks for 9 months, aged in bottle for 6 months.


Collio DOC


Friulano, Riesling




Heavy clay



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