Ettore Germano

VR Langhe Nebbiolo Vignarionda

The Germano family has owned 6 hectares of land near Serralunga d’Alba, in the heart of the Barolo area, since 1856. Ettore Germano founded his eponymous winery in the 1960s as the first of his family to begin producing and bottling estate wines. His son, Sergio, took over operations in 1985, following his schooling at the prestigious Scuola enologica di Alba. Sergio has leveraged his immense technical knowledge of the vineyard and the cellar ever since to expand into unknown and creative territories, now farming 20 hectares of land. Sergio has made his mark in the famed hills of Barolo, Alba, and Langhe, particularly with his pioneering interest in growing Chardonnay and Riesling as well as Pinot Noir for traditional method sparkling wines.

His deep humility expresses a deference to the vineyard that shows itself in the finished wines. His wines are unique and thoughtful expressions of their varietal and soil. Sergio, along with his wife, Elena and their two children, are steadily building a fascinating and delicious hub of Piedmont winemaking.

Tasting Notes

This wine is not a real Langhe Nebbiolo. The grapes and eventual wine come from a heralded single vineyard "Vignarionda" so the intent of this "Cru" Nebbiolo is to only make it until the vines are of the age and grapes of the structure to create a quality level good enough for Barolo.


Southern exposure on calcareous marl soil, manual harvest. 1-acre plot, 330 meters above sea level, and a density of 5000 vines/ha.


The grapes are crushed, but not destemmed, and placed in vertical stainless steel tanks for the alcoholic fermentation. Fermentation takes place with a maceration on the skins for ~30 days with several daily pump overs.


After racking and fermentation the wine is moved to 2000 liter casks where it ages for 18-24 months. Upon bottling, the wine ages for another 12 months before release.


DOC Langhe




330 meters


Calcareous marl




7 years


2000 btls

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