Pinot Nero Glener

To enter into the world of Castelfeder is to soar across an unspoken threshold into the lush valleys of the high Adige River. Driving from Lake Garda, from Veneto, through Trentino, you discover yourself, without warning, in what feels, sounds, and tastes like German wine country. Gunther Giovanett took over the family business in 1989 after his father retired from the daily operations of the winery he founded in 1970. Located in the center of Neumarkt, in the South Tyrol region of Italy, the Giovanett family produces a range of unique wines. While other nearby producers are making Chardonnay and Pinot Grigio that is mineral and acidic, Castelfeder produces wines that are lean and light with texture and depth as an added dimension. Vinifying exclusively in stainless steel for Mont Mes and the Classic “Cru” designated line, Castelfeder excels in bringing out the purest, freshest expression of their terroir. The Burgum Novum Riserve level wines see oak aging for 18 months before bottling. Now into their third generation, Gunther and his son Ivan are gaining a better understanding of the special micro-climates that exist in the Alto-Adige and South Tyrol regions.

Tasting Notes

Powerful ruby red in color. Fine characteristic Pinot bouquet with a clearly fruity character and a trace of spicy and smoky aromas. This wine is powerful and expressive on the palate with a pleasant tannic background. A noble wine for moderately complicated dishes.


The fraction Glen is one of the most famous Pinot Noir areas in South Tyrol. The afternoon sun, the special conglomerate soil of clay, lime, and porphyry as well as the altitude of 450-850 meters create ideal conditions for an elegant Pinot Noir. The picture on the label shows the decommissioned railway bridge in Glen, which is still a symbol of this area and from where you have a unique view of Bolzano and the entire South Tyrolean lowlands and therefore 85% of the winegrowing in South Tyrol. The yield per hectare is 6,000 kg.


The grapes are destemmed and fermented at a constant temperature of 26-28° C for about 10 days in stainless steel tanks. During fermentation, the juice is kept in contact with the skins through circulation pumping. In this way, we achieve ideal results with the coloring from the skins and emphasize the fruitiness of the wine.


After two gentle rackings a part of the wine ages in barrique barrels for 10 months.


DOC Alto Adige


Pinot Nero




Loamy, alluvial



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