Cantina del Taburno

Bue Apis Aglianico del Taburno

Cantina del Taburno, located on the slopes of Mount Taburno, belongs to the "Consorzio Agrario di Benevento" (Agricultural Consortium of Benevento). Established in 1901, the consortium has had an extremely important role in the agricultural and economic development of the Sannio area. The winery, built in 1972 in Foglianise, is a point of reference for local viticulture. The grapes vinified at Cantina del Taburno are grown in approximately 600 hectares of surrounding vineyards of the towns and slopes of Mount Taburno: Foglianise, Torrecuso, Vitulano, Campoli del Monte Taburno, Castelpoto, Apollosa, Bonea, Montesarchio, Ponte, Tocco Caudio, Paupisi and Benevento. The hills here are made of calcareous clay and marl and experience mild winters and regular autumn rainfall followed by dry, hot summers.

Tasting Notes

Purple red color. Blackberry and black currant aroma. Full in the mouth and well balanced, blended tannins and a long finish of toasted coffee, tobacco, and spices.

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