Eline was bitten by the wine bug a long time ago, but didn’t fully feel the symptoms until she arrived in Montepulciano, Tuscany. Her mother, Virginie Saverys, had taken over Avignonesi winery. Observing her and her team walking the vineyards and caring for every single bunch of grapes was a pivotal moment of fascination. The way they managed to bottle the message of each vintage in such a unique manner, giving voice to a specific terroir, was like a budburst of inspiration--she had to take a step further. When Eline turned 26, she opened Antwerp, Avini. She would often visit Avignonesi though, and during one of their blending sessions she couldn’t resist the temptation of sneaking in. For fun, she tried her own blend...and I fell in love on the spot. When she was looking for a name for this wine, it seemed only natural to refer to this intense and wine-fueled year. Thus, Ventisei--26 in Italian--was born.

Our Relationship

Working with Avignonesi for a few years I'd gotten to know the property and mostly Max, who was championing export sales to the US along with marketing. At one point he began talking about his partner's daughter Eline and a new property they were developing together as Eline and her husband Thomas were getting more involved in wine. I didn't really think about it much as I was focused on Avignonesi, but in late 2017 the topic came back up and it gathered momentum. The wines just speak to a new generation of drinkers looking to connect to the lifestyle and place that Tuscany evokes emotions without getting overwhelmed. It's a great selection of vineyards from within Avignonesi, a great team of young winemakers, and a really passion driven brand that will help shine a light on Vino Nobile and the area of Montepulciano.


169 hectares


Organic, biodynamic