Siro Pacenti

Siro Pacenti bought his estate and planted his first vines in 1970, all of which still thrive today. The property is north of Montalcino, in Pelagrilli, and overlooks Siena with 22 hectares of Sangiovese in fresh, clay soils. In 1988, Giancarlo Pacenti took over operations at the winery, producing the first Rosso and Brunello di Montalcino that same year. At the beginning of the Nineties, the estate expanded to include land south of Montalcino (Piancornello) where Giancarlo’s grandfather had planted five hectares of Sangiovese in the 1960s.The Nineties were also marked by the start of the partnership with the University of Bordeaux and the first experiments on phenolic maturity applied to Sangiovese. The new cellar was built between 2001 and 2004, combining technology and experience with tradition and respect for the grapes and the land. Pelagrilli is characterized by clayey, sandy soils, sitting at 350 meters above sea level at the base of the Montalcino hill. The wines are elegant and aromatic. In Piancornello, the vineyards grow in more minerally and pebbly soils atop ground rock. The climate here is also hotter, resulting in more structured, potent wines with the sweet, round tannins typical of Sangiovese.

Our Relationship

Travelling through Montalcino as much as I have the past 10+ years it is hard not to notice Siro Pacenti's labels. At one point I went to the property for a tasting and found the wines exciting for the area and really well made, complex, and slightly modern - which I thought would compliment the book of Brunello I had building at Volio.


22 hectares




350 meters




Clay, sand