La Gerla

La Gerla was born from the passion of its founder, Sergio Rossi, a successful businessman who fell in love with his vineyards, caring for them as if they were his children. The vineyards at La Gerla lie right on the Montalcino hill at 320 meters above sea level, right where the slope softens; a small winery, which, since its founding in 1976 has become a great cru of this Tuscan territory surrounded by the Orcia and Ombrone Valleys, looking out to Buonconvento and Siena from the winery door. The estate previously belonged to the Biondi Santi family and produced one of the best Brunellos in the area. Sergio Rossi bought the land in 1976 and completely restructured the winery, respecting its original strengths while updating modern technologies. The property extends over a total of 11.5 hectares and is complemented with big, modern cellars equipped with the latest technologies. Sergio Rossi passed away in July 2011 but left behind a deeply respected legacy and winery. La Gerla works to manifest Rossi’s philosophy of great attention to quality and detail in everything they do. Alberto Passeri now oversees winemaking and operations at La Gerla, faithfully carrying on Sergio Rossi’s founding vision and proud to boast that La Gerla is the only family owned property in Montalcino working with the original Biondi Santi (BBS) Sangiovese clones.

Our Relationship

Wandering through Montalcino in 2006 I met Alberto Passeri, who had been working at La Gerla for 10 years at the time. He was kind enough to take his time and talk through the winemaking, Sangiovese, and Montalcino as a region… I hadn't really figured out what Montalcino was, so having an opportunity to hear from a producer was a great pleasure. We stayed in touch, mostly because I kept a business card he provided and whenever I was back in the region I stopped in for a tasting. 8 years later he called to see if he could join the portfolio, having appreciated my interest in the region and the curation of the portfolio.


11.5 hectares




270-320 meters




75,000 btls


Marl, limestone, silt, sandy, rocky