Famille Gonnet

According to local archives, the Gonnet family settled at Bettarides in the early 17th century. But it wasn’t until 1880 that Jean Etienne Gonnet built the farmhouse that serves as the headquarters of the Gonnet estate today. This 30-hectare vineyard—adjoining land connected all in one lot—is magnificently situated in the southeast of the Chateauneuf du Pape AOC. The property was practically begging for a winery, which it got in 1950 when Jean’s grandson, Etienne Gonnet, created Font de Michelle. Since 1975 his sons, Jean and Michel, have kept watch over the destiny of the estate. For over 30 years their concern has been to improve on wine making methods, to develop full-bodied wines that are concentrated, refined, and through which the estate’s renowned terroir can reach its full expression. Today, their respective sons, Bertrand and Guillaume, continue the Famille Gonnet legacy with enthusiasm and skill. In 2002 the estate expanded with a magnificent 20 hectares of Cotes du Rhone property at Domazan, in the Gard: La Font du Vent. Overseeing both properties is the company Gonnet Pères et Fils, which manages the distribution and export of the Font de Michelle and Font du Vent wines. The company also offers, under its own brand, wines from the Rhone valley that it selects with the utmost care.

Our Relationship

Kelly Gonnet is a lovely woman who hails from Australia originally. We met through a former colleague who was touring the region for work and stumbled upon her wines while networking with some other wine professionals. It was a great "find" although the wines had already been well discovered pretty much everywhere else in the world, and most of the US. We continue to enjoy a great relationship with Kelly and Guillaume Gonnet. A wonderful family winery with pedigree and class... and killer wine.


30 hectares






Clay, limestone